US Final Topics of Note

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Below is a link to 9 topics that we did not get to during the course of the year. Because the bulb on the LCD projector in broke we can not take notes on these topics in the few remaining days. So you need to answer the questions that are on the link so that you are better prepared to answer all the questions that will be on the Final Exam.

US Final Topics


Civil Rights Source Packet

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Students are to look at the following sources. After reading the sources you are to answer the 7 questions at the end of the packet. Remember to use evidence from the sources when answering the questions. Below is the packet.

civil rights mvmt sourcepack

I Have a Dream Assignment

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Students are to read Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. You then must create your own speech. Below is a copy of the speech plus the template for the speech you must write. Your speech must be written in the same rhythm as that of the original speech. You can find the full speech on youtube.

I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream Too

Atomic Bomb Assignment

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Students are going to have to make the decision on whether dropping the atomic bomb was a good idea or bad. Start the assignment by making a T-Chart. The Columns should be marked Pros and Cons. Each student must tell me 5 pros of dropping the bomb and 5 cons. This information can be researched on the internet. When the T-Chart is finished you must write a 5 sentence paragraph. The paragraph must include what decision you would have made regarding dropping the bomb and why.

March 17, 2015

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Today students will finish taking notes on the New Deal. The notes for the New Deal are located below. When students are finished taking notes they will need to read 7 documents dealing with the new deal. Students will need to create a T-Chart. Students will need to tell me 5 ways in which the New deal was a success and 5 ways in which it was not a success. Below are the documents as well.





March 9, 2015

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Today students had to make an advertisement. The advertisement had to deal with a common product from the 1920’s (car, Washing Machine, Electric Sewing Machine, Vacuum, etc……….). Included in the advertisement must be a slogan, logo and color. Each requirement is worth 5 points.

Here are the notes for WWI and the Roaring 20’s


1920s and great-depression 14-15

March 5, 2015

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Students watched a video dealing with the 1920’s. While watching the video students had to make a list of 10 aspects of the decade that the learned or found interesting.

If you missed this day just write a list of 10 things you have learned about the 1920’s.

March 4, 2015

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Students took notes dealing with the social aspects of the 1920’s.

The assignment for the day was students had to look up 1920 slang words. Each student had to write 5 sentences using slang words. Each sentence must include two slang words from the era.

March 3, 2015

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Students had to use notes and research done on own to explain what life was like living in the 1920’s. Students had to write a 5 sentence paragraph explaining what it would have been like in the Roaring 20’s.