US History Summer School

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There are several key questions as part of Cambridge US History. Each key question will consist of three assignments. Assignment 1 will be a power point with 10 to 20 multiple choice questions that go along with it. Assignment 2 will be Type B questions dealing with primary sources. Assignment 3 will be Type C questions dealing with primary sources. At the end of each semester there will be a test. In order to pass this course you will need to average above a 60% for each semester.

Point system

Multiple Choice – each question worth one point for a total of 10pts to 20 pts.
Type B Questions – Worth 7 points for each question and each assignment has multiple questions.
Type C Questions – Worth 9 points each and each assignment has multiple questions.

Semester 1

Key Question 1

KQ 1- Revolution to Civil Power Point

KQ1 multiple choice questions

KQ1 Type B Assignment

KQ 1 Assignment C

Key Question 2

KQ2 Power Point

KQ2 Multiple Choice Questions

KQ 2 Assignment B

KQ2 Assignment C

Key Question 3

KQ 3 Power Point

KQ 3 Multiple Choice Questions

KQ3 Assignment B

KQ3 Asignment C

Semester 2

Key Question 4

KQ4 Power Point

KQ4 multiple choice questions

KQ4 Assignment B

KQ 4 Assignment C

Key Question 5

KQ5 Power Point

KQ 5 multiple choice questions

KQ 5 Assignment B

KQ 5 Assignment C

Key Question 6

KQ 6 Power Point

KQ 6 Multiple Choice Questions

KQ 6 Assignment B

Key Question 7

KQ 7 Power Point

KQ 7 Multiple Choice Questions

KQ 7 Assignment B

KQ 7 Assignment C


To see what your grade is for Semester 1 and Semester 2 you will need to click on the corresponding tab at the bottom of the page after the link loads.

World History Grades

Semester 1

Assignment 1

S 1 A 1 – Hitlers Rise

Assignment 2

S1 A2 – Weimar

Assignment 3 and 4

S1 A3

S1 A3 – If link does not work

Assignment 5

S1 A5 Letter to Hitler

Assignment 6

S1 A6 Spanish Civil War

Assignment 7

S1 A7 – Road to Spanish War

S1 A7 – Notes if Link does not open

Assignment 8

S1 A8

Assignment 9

S1 A9

Assignment 10

S1 A10- Use S1 A9 to help you

Semester 2

Assignment 1

S2 A1- Notes

Assignment 2

S2 A2-Yalta and Potsdam

Assignment 3

S2 A3 – Salami Tactics

Assignment 4

S2 A4-marshall plan and truman doctrine

S2 A4 – Use for Task 2 on A4

Assignment 5

S2 A5 – Notes

TheVietnamWar power point

Vietnam Causes

Assignment 6

S2 A6 – Video comparison

Assignment 7

S2 A7-KWL Chart

Assignment 8

S2 A8 – Circle Chart

S2 A8 – Content for Circle Chart

Assignment 9

S2 A9 – Timeline

6th Mk. Pd. Assignments

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Read the sources and fill out the chart at the end of the link.

Bus Boycott RLH


Answer the questions dealing with the sources.

Cesar Chavez Sources


If you were not here on this day then you have an alternate assignment. You need to create two story boards. Remember a story board is a series of pictures that tell a story, much like a comic strip. You need to have a minimum of three pictures for each story board. Your two story boards deal with Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr. You need to tell me about their movements.


Students had google 1920 slang words. You had to pick 15 of them and tell me their meaning. When you finish that you then had to select two of those words and write a sentence for each one using the slang word in it.


Students had the ability to use notes, internet, and text book to answer the following question:

“Cesar Chavez was more important to Hispanics then Martin Luther King was to African Americans.” How far do you agree with this statement? Explain.


Students were told 8 definitions. They had to connect the correct word of the week with that definition. This must be done in class, before school, after school, or during lunch.


Answer the 3 questions from the link below based on what you read in the two sources.

Native American Assimilation


Students had to define, use in a sentence, summarize the definition, and draw a picture depicting the following words: Feminism, Secession, and Counterculture.


On the link below you will see several sources. You need to read them and then answer the questions that follow at the end of the link.

18th Amendment

6th Mk. Pd. Power Points

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US History

Progressive Movement


Great Depression

Great Depression

Hispanic Americans

Hispanic Power Point

Native Americans

Native Americans

African Americans

A.A. progressive through Civil rights

Roaring 20’s


1920’s economy


Society in the 1920s



March 21, 2014

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US History

Today students will learn how how the grading to the Yuma Territorial Prison paper worked. Students will be given a rubric for the paper. Finally students will learn how to grade a paper by looking at the Rubric.

March 19 and 20, 2014

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US History

These two days students will take notes on African American Rights during the progressive movement through the Civil Rights. Notes will be added after finished with the topic.

March 17 and 18, 2014

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US History

Today students will look at African-Americans during the progressive movement and beyond. Students will start by refreshing their memory of the rights gained by African Americans after the Civil War. Below are the questions each student will need to answer by using cell phones, textbooks, netbooks, and/or tablets.

Jim Crow Questions

After students are finished answering the questions you will begin to look at two Civil Rights leaders during the Progressive era. Below are the next steps to this assignment.

1. Get a class copy of the two documents on W.E.B DuBois and Booker T. Washington. Document is on the link below

Washington and DuBois

2. Get the graphic organizer hand out. You can write on this. Graphic Organizer is below.

Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois Graphic Organizer

3.Read the citations and then do the Before you read section on the organizer.

4. Read the documents.

5. Answer the Contextualizing section on the organizer.
6. Answer close reading section on the organizer.

March 14, 2014

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US History

Today students will watch two videos from crash course on YouTube.
Episode 1: The Progressive Era
Episode 2: Women’s Rights

March 13, 2014

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US History

Today students will look at one of the most famous Muckrakers. That person is Upton Sinclair. Specifically we will look at three sections of his famous book, “The Jungle.”

Students will need to read each of the three section. After reading the three sections students are to draw a 3 pictures. The three pictures are to depict the sections of “The Jungle.” Below are the three sections of the book.

The Jungle

March 12, 2014

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US History

Today students will take notes dealing with the Progressive Movement. Below are the notes.