October 20, 2014

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Today students will learn the strategy on both the Union and Confederate Armies. Students will also take notes on the first two battles of the war. When we are finished with notes students will need to write a journal as if they fought in the first two battles. The journal must be 100 words for each battle and each student is to make reference the battle and characteristics of it in their journal. Below are the notes that will be used for the entire section on the Civil War.

The Civil War

Civil War Journal Assignment – Battle of Bull Run and Battle of Shiloh

Civil War Battle Journal

October 17, 2014

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Today students will be looking at the medical aspect of the Civil War. This will be done through notes and analyzing pictures. Students will look at 6 photographs of medicine during the Civil War. Two of those photos will need to be analyzed by the students. You can find the notes and pictures on the power point below.

Civil War Medicine

Quiz Retake

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Below you will find the quiz that was taken in the prior weeks. Students are allowed to retake the test. Answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper and bring it to class. You have until the end of next week (10/17/2014) to hand it in. Students will receive one letter grade higher in score if the answers are correct.

KQ1 Quiz

October 9, 2014

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Today students will present their findings from the assignment that was assigned on October 8.

October 8, 2014

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Today students will be given a chance to finish the story board dealing with the events leading to the civil war. When students are finished they will be put into groups. While in these groups they will be given a cause to the Civil War. Students we need to answer the following three questions on their cause.

1. Explain what your event is and the date if there is one.
2. What side was upset at your event? Free or Slave States
3. How did your event get America Closer to War?

Students will answer those questions and present their findings to the class. The class will have a chart and they will be responsible for writing down what the presenting groups teaches them. You can get the chart from Mr. Treynor.

October 6 and 7, 2014

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Today students will finish the video and questions from Friday. Students will also do a word of the week. The word is secession. If we have time we will take notes that deal with the separation of the states and start of the Civil War. Upon completion of the notes students will create a 4 to 5 picture storyboard that tells the story of how the Civil War began.

A story board is the idea of using pictures to tell a story. You are not using words to tell a story you are using pictures.

South Splits

October 3, 2014

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Today students will watch a video that deals with the division of the United States. While watching the video students will need to look for 5 attributes to the division of the country.

October 2, 2014

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Today students will look at songs that slaves sang. These songs were used to help them escape on the Underground Railroad.

October 1, 2014

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Today students are going to learn what life was like in the United States just prior to the Civil War. Students will understand how tension over slavery began to build. Below is the power point for this topic.

US prior to civil war

September 30, 2014

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Today we students will be given the opportunity to finish the work we started yesterday. Students will be given 15 minutes to finish the charts from September 29. Upon finishing the chart students will look at several quotes in favor of slavery and against it. Students will create a “T” chart and list as many reason for slavery and against slavery. I need to see a minimum of 5 reasons for each side of the argument. When you tell me the reasons for and against slavery let me know what quote gave you that answer and explain specifically what the quote said to give you that opinion. The quotes are located on the link below.

For-Against Slavery Sources